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How It Works

The Hydrogen Carbon clean machine uses distilled water and electricity to produce hydrogen and oxygen (oxy-hydrogen HHO) a strong electric current which splits the water molecule (H2O) into its component atoms to produce highly charged particles of oxy-hydrogen (HHO).

This is then fed into the engine via the air intake and supercharges the combustion process. As it passes through the induction system the hydrogen reacts with the carbon deposits turning them into hydrocarbons.

The carbon deposits bond to the hydrogen like a magnet, so as the carbon gets broken down it gets sent out the exhaust with all the spent gases.

The True facts

The effect of carbon and cleaning on your Engine depends on how much carbon build up your engine has.

This comes down to a number of things: mileage, fuel used, driving style etc.

If any of the list below applies to your vehicle then Carbon Cleaning may very well benefit your engine.

  1. Constant slow driving.
  2. Short journeys.
  3. Lots of stop-start journeys.
  4. Diesel engine fitted with a DPF filter.
  5. Poor quality fuel (cheap supermarket etc.)

Cause and Benefit.

If your engine is used for short journeys like school runs and shopping or left idling in traffic and often lots of short stop-start journeys.

If you are suffering reduced MPG, black smoke from the exhaust, and slow engine/throttle response.

If the above are caused by carbon build up then the carbon engine clean could recover the lost MPG, help clear up the black smoke and help the engine breath and run better due to the system being clogged up with carbon deposits.

Mechanical faults.

If ANY aspect of your engine has mechanical faults such as broken injectors, seized EGR valve, turbo, swirl flaps, completely blocked DPF filter etc. no amount of carbon cleaning will fix it. Carbon cleaning can NOT fix things that are fully blocked or broken these would need to be replaced, fixed. Carbon cleaning is not a magic fix all cure.

Carbon cleaning positive effects.

If your engine has carbon build up (they all do!) it will help clean the inside of the engine and help unblock and remove carbon, prevent carbon build up so your engine remains cleaner and help clean and clear the DPF filter, CAT and combustion tract (it’s like blowing your nose when you have a cold!)